The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

1989 American TV series

Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, also simply known as Super Mario and Super Mario Brothers, is the first cartoon of DIC Entertainment's Super Mario trilogy, aired between September and December of 1989; it was the only one to be produced directly for syndication.

The show featured live-action segments in which Mario and Luigi (played by Lou Albano and Danny Wells respectively), living in their basement workshop in Brooklyn, were often visited by various celebrity guest stars. Also featured were cartoons based on the first and second Super Mario Bros. games, where the Mario brothers teamed up with Princess Peach (then known as Princess Toadstool) and Toad to battle King Koopa and his forces to save the many lands of the world.

The Super Mario Bros. cartoons were shown on Mondays through Thursdays only; on Fridays, the show would air cartoons based on the animated Legend of Zelda series. In 1990, the show was retooled and aired under the name Club Mario, combining the animated segments with new live-action.