The Sword of Truth

series of twelve epic fantasy novels written by Terry Goodkind

The Sword of Truth is a series of thirteen epic fantasy novels written by Terry Goodkind. The book tells the story of Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell and Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander.

The series is published in more than 20 languages.


There is two prequels:

The main series[1] is composed of:

  1. Wizard's First Rule
  2. Stone of Tears
  3. Blood of the Fold
  4. Temple of the Winds
  5. Soul of the Fire
  6. Faith of the Fallen
  7. The Pillars of Creation
  8. Naked Empire
  9. Chainfire
  10. Phantom
  11. Confessor

A second series,[1] which is the suite of the first (events in the series take place directly after the end of Confessor):

  1. The Omen Machine
  2. The Third Kingdom


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