The Welldeserved Fox


The Welldeserved Fox[1] (Vietnamese: Đáng đời thằng Cáo) is a 1959 Vietnamese animated movie, directed by Lê Minh Hiền and Trương Qua.[2]

The Welldeserved Fox
Đáng đời thằng Cáo
Directed byLê Minh Hiền
Trương Qua
Written byLê Minh Hiền
Hồ Chí Minh (poem)
Produced byLê Minh Hiền
Distributed byVietnam Animation Studio
Vietnam Television
Release date
Running time
10 minutes
Country Vietnam


The movie was based on poem The fox and the hive (Con cáo và tổ ong) by Hồ Chí Minh.

In a forest lived Bear and Chicken. Once, Chicken was enticed by Fox for his eating. But Chicken ran away luckily.

Then Bear seeked Chicken and called Bees to chase Fox.

A practice of class Vietnamese Animated Film
(Bài thực-tập của lớp hoạt-họa Việt-nam)

—Film's headword


The Welldeserved Fox was known as the first animated movie of the North Vietnam.[3][4]

By first plan, the movie would has the 300m length on 10 minutes, 15 thousand drawings on the 18x24cm size of cellophane. But Vietnamese infrastructures could not response, then drawers used typewriter papers which were soaked oil. Besides, their "desks" were glass windows what were in Vietnam Animation Studio's house on Hoàng Hoa Thám Street (Hanoi).[5]