Thunder (Boys Like Girls song)

single by Boys Like Girls

Thunder is a single released by American rock band Boys Like Girls. Thunder was released May 6th, 2008 on radio airplay. The single was originally released months before May 6th, 2008 as an acoustic version. The song was released off the album Boys Like Girls.

Music VideoEdit

The music video shows a group of friends, in which there are couples, hang out. The music video starts with the band playing, and then moves on to the friends going to restaurant to eat, with intervals of the band playing. The friends then go a field, where they drink and laugh. The friends then start making a human pyramid, but fail. The couples start hanging out alone and kissing. From this on, the band is shown playing in the rain. The friends are then shown going to a swimming pool and start swimming, with a couple kissing underwater. They then run through a carpark and stand by the railings to see the sunrise. The couples are then kissing again, and the music video ends with the band leaving their instruments.


The video for Thunder was released on the MTV summer special Friday Night MTV (or FNMTV).