Tiny house

architectural and social movement to live in small homes

A tiny house, also known as a tiny home, is a type of house that is very small (up to 37 square metres or 400 sq ft).[1]

A tiny mobile house in Olympia, Washington, United States

Tiny houses can stand on a fixed place, but they can also be mobile. For example, a tiny house with wheels can be transported.


The tiny house movement originated in the United States.

Tiny houses gained more attention after the Great Recession, when houses became very expensive in many places.[2]


The tiny house movement has inspired many reality television series:[3]

  • Mighty Tiny Houses (HGTV)
  • Terrific Tiny Homes (DIY)
  • Tiny House, Big Living (HGTV)
  • Tiny House Builders (HGTV)
  • Tiny House Hunters (HGTV)
  • Tiny House Hunting (FYI)
  • Tiny House Nation (FYI and A&E)
  • Tiny House World (FYI)
  • Tiny Luxury (HGTV)
  • Tiny Paradise (HGTV)

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