Tokyo Prefecture

former prefecture in Japan (1869–1943)

Tokyo Prefecture (東京府, Tōkyō-fu or Tōkei-fu) is a former Japanese government entity starting in 1869 and ending in 1943[1]

Tokyo Prefecture
Prefecture of Japan
Coat of arms of Tokyo
Coat of arms

Ginza, Tokyo City, in 1933
CapitalTokyo City
 • Coordinates35°41′N 139°46′E / 35.68°N 139.77°E / 35.68; 139.77
• Established
2 October 1868
• Disestablished
1 July 1943
Political subdivisions3 cities
3 Districts
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Musashi Province
Today part ofPart of the Tokyo Metropolis
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In 1943, the prefecture's municipalities, including the traditional city of Tokyo, became part of the newly formed Tokyo metropolis (東京都, Tōkyō-to) or "greater Tokyo metropolian area".[1]

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