Tonbridge Grammar School

school in Kent, UK

Tonbridge Grammar School (or just TGS) is a well known grammar school in Tonbridge, Kent. It has about 1050 students who are 11-18 years old. The school was called Tonbridge Grammar School For Girls until 2002, when boys were allowed into the 6th form.

History change

Tonbridge Grammar School started in 1905 on the top floor of the Tonbridge Library with only 13 pupils. The teacher and headmistress was called Mrs Taylor. In 1913 the school moved to the site in Deakin Leas as the school was growing quickly and the library was not big enough.

Buildings change

These are the buildings found at TGS today:

  • The Main Building/ The Hans Building
  • The Technology Block ("The Tech Block")
  • The Old Building/The Science Building

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