Toontown Online

2003 Disney's video game

Disney's Toontown Online, also called as Toontown Online or Toontown, was an online video game created by The Walt Disney Company. The game was an MMORPG, where a lot of people play at one time. It was released in 2003,[1] and closed in 2013.[8]

Disney's Toontown Online
Developer(s)Disney's Virtual Reality Studio[1]
Schell Games[2][3]
Frogchildren Studios[4][5]
Publisher(s)The Walt Disney Company
Designer(s)Jesse Schell[6]
Composer(s)Jamie Christopherson Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X[7]
Release2 June 2003

Players live life as a toon in Toontown. Players can make a duck, bear, mouse, rabbit, dog, cat, horse, pig, or monkey.

Game's purpose


Players try to live life as a toon, play games on the Trolley and make new friends. But it's not all paradise. Evil robots called "Cogs" have taken over, and "gags" (cartoon fun) are used to defeat them. There is not a purpose that players have to go by. A player can choose to be the top racer or to have the most "laff points". Many people like it because of this. Some users even dare to become "ubers", toons with better gags but poor laff.


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