Topaz Energy

Irish petroleum retail chain

Topaz Energy was a fuel supplier in Ireland, until it was rebranded in 2018.


Topaz Energy came to be in 2008 after the rebrand of all Statoil gas stations in Ireland.

In 2008, an advertisement that showed a car driving on an island, shaped in the Topaz logo, and also the car looking like the Topaz logo, was made. In 2013, Denis O'Brien took over Topaz. Topaz Energy was sold to Couche-Tard in 2015.

Circle KEdit

In April to July 2018, all Topaz stations became Circle K, some stations, such as the Dundrum outlet, would rebrand at a later stage.

Play or ParkEdit

Topaz launched a brand new loyalty game in February 2013 called Play or Park. The customer can register via the Topaz app, the website or in-store with a game tag. The customer can earn points by filling up at Topaz, and they may win a chance of a lifetime. If not, they win items in-store. Play or Park did not change, even with the rebrand of Topaz to Circle K in 2018.