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Tororo (Japanese: とろろ) is a sticky food made from grating a yam. Tororo is mixed with other food that typically includes dashi, wasabi, and green onions, and the amount of these ingredients can be adjusted to suit one's taste. In Japan, tororo is eaten as a side dish, or added to noodles (udon or soba). Tororo has a lot of vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals.

Mugitoro Gohan
Tororo soba

Mugitoro change

Mugitoro (Japanese: 麦とろ) is a wheat dish made by pouring cold tororo on top of cooked wheat.

Yamakake change

Yamakake (Japanese: 山かけ) is a dish made from tororo and tuna (maguro). Tuna seasoned with soy sauce and tororo with dashi give a mild taste. Sometimes, it is put on rice as Donburi.

Tororo udon/soba change

Tororo is also eaten with udon or soba. In tororo udon/soba, it is often eaten with a raw egg or a yolk. Japanese people think it is very healthy to eat tororo, so it is added to many foods. 

Tororo Nattō change

The Japanese food nattō is often eaten with tororo, too.

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