Tower defense

subgenre of strategy video games

Tower Defense is a type of game where players use strategy to build towers to help defeat an enemy. In many tower defence games the player's towers must stop an enemy from invading a base. If the towers cannot stop the enemy, the player loses the game.[1]

A graphically simple tower defense game.



The first game that was thought to be a tower defense game was Rampart (Atari Games, 1990). Other games started to be used for tower defense by using tools in the games to change them. Those games were ones like Starcraft (Blizzard Entertainment, 1998), Age of Empires II (Microsoft Games, 1999), and Warcraft III (Blizzard Entertainment, 2002).

Tower defense games were made by independent developers also. The first game made in Flash was Flash Element Tower Defense (January 2007). The next game was made quickly after and was called Desktop Tower Defense (Handdrawngames, March 2007). Desktop Tower Defense won an award from the Independent Games Festival.[2]


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