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Trash could mean:

  • Waste, unwanted or undesired material left over after the completion of a process
  • A dustbin where such material is stored
  • An offensive word, primarily told to someone when they are not doing a good job
  • Bagasse, the leftover waste of sugarcane after extraction of the juice
  • A slur describing a negative attitude toward a person or group of people, as in white trash
  • Trash (computing), in computing, a user interface metaphor that serves as a holding place for files to be deleted, used in KDE, Mac OS X and others
Trash /traSH/
In entertainment
  • Trash (computer game), a computer game developed by Inhuman Games
  • Trash (movie) or Andy Warhol's Trash, a 1970 movie by Paul Morrisey
  • Trash (poet), a UK poet, famous for cutting-edge performance and comedy poetry, also thought to be the first poet to write techno and orchestral poetry
  • Trash (Manga), a comedy/drama manga by Sanami Matoh
  • "Trash" (Firefly), the 11th episode of the TV series Firefly
In music

TRASH refers to: