Trinity College Dublin

constituent college of the University of Dublin in Ireland

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is the oldest university in Ireland. It was started in 1592.[2]

Trinity College Dublin
Collegium Sanctae Individuae Trinitatis
Perpetuis futuris temporibus duraturam (Latin)[1]
Motto in English
It will last into endless future times[1]
Established3 March 1592; 432 years ago (1592-03-03)
FounderQueen Elizabeth I

53°20′40″N 6°15′28″W / 53.3444°N 6.2577°W / 53.3444; -6.2577



TCD was started at the command of Elizabeth I in 1592,[2] using a building of God.[3]

After 1873 those not in the Anglican denomination were allowed to be at TCD.[2] Women were not allowed until 1904.[4]



TCD is near the centre of Dublin in an area of 40 acres (0.16 km2).[5]

TCD has many of Dublin's buildings that were created in the 1700s.[6]

The TCD library was finished 1732 but had begun some years earlier.[7] In is famous for its books. It has the Book of Kells.[2]


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