Tromsøysund Tunnel

undersea tunnel in Tromsø, Norway

69°40′27″N 19°00′32″E / 69.67417°N 19.00889°E / 69.67417; 19.00889 The Tromsøysund Tunnel is a road tunnel in Norway. It goes under the sea and connects the island of Tromsøya with the mainland. It is part of a big road called European route E08. The tunnel has two sections and each section has two lanes for cars. One tube is 3,500 meters long and the other is 3,386 meters long. The tunnel goes down to 102 meters below sea level.[1]

The tunnel entrance on the Tromsøya side. University Hospital of North Norway seen in the background.

The tunnel opened on December 3, 1994. It was built to help with traffic problems on the Tromsø Bridge. The tunnel comes out near the University of Tromsø and the University Hospital of North Norway on the island side. On the mainland side, it comes out at a place called Tomasjord.[2]

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