Truncated icosahedron

Archimedean solid

A truncated icosahedron is an Archimedean solid. A regular icosahedron is made of 20 faces. When a regular icosahedron is truncated, this means that each "corner" (or vertex) is replaced by a pentagon, as there are five edges at each corner.

Truncated icosahedron
Convex regular icosahedron

A truncated icosahedron is made of 12 regular pentagons and 20 hexagons. It has 60 vertices, and 90 edges.

Truncated icosahedra in nature change

The molecule Fullerene is made of 60 carbon atoms and looks like a truncated icosahedron.

Most soccer balls are truncated icosahedra.

A truncated icosahedron, colored to look like a soccer ball. Next to it is an actual soccer ball.