art of manipulating sound using turntables

Turntablism is the art of changing sounds to create music using phonograph turntables and a DJ mixer.





Originally it just meant to pause a track on a record; than developed as technology grew into being able to create a stopping sound effect that only plays when a person cuts a record on a turntable by placing their hand on the record and turning it counterclockwise.



A technique used to put songs together originally only doable by placing multiple records on a turntable then either playing both at the same time in real time stopping, cutting, adding sound effects, or playing one track halfway threw then stopping it and playing the last half of the other track.

Modern Turntablism


They use cutting and splicing techniques, but with the modern technology they can do so much more then a traditional turntable can do, a modern turntable can splice as many songs as you want, you can rewind, fast forward, pause, slow, speed up and add a melody from one song but use the singer from another.