ancient Meitei language text

"Tutenglon" (Meitei: ꯇꯨꯇꯦꯡꯂꯣꯟ) is an ancient Meitei text, based on the saga of the two Meitei princes, Yoimongba and Taothingmang, who took upon themselves the superhuman task of dredging the channels of the biggest and the longest rivers in Manipur, the Iril and the Imphal.[1] It also describes about the flood that happened during the reign of king Ngangoi Yoimongba in Ancient Manipur (Antique Kangleipak).[2] The text also mentions that Yoimongba and Taothingmang are the two sons and Lairoklembi is a daughter of Meitei king Khuyoi Tompok. Princess Lairoklembi was married to the chief of Koubru.[3]

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