Huldrych Zwingli

Protestant Reformation leader in Switzerland, Swiss Reformed Church founder (1484-1531)
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Huldrych (or Ulrich) Zwingli or Ulricus Zuinglius (January 1, 1484October 11, 1531) was the leader of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland and the founder of the Swiss Reformed churches. Separately from Martin Luther, Zwingli arrived at similar final beliefs by studying the Bible from the point of view of a humanist scholar.

Huldrych Zwingli

Early life change

His father was also called Ulrich Zwingli, and his mother was Margaret Meili. Zwingli had two sisters and seven brothers.

Zwingli was born in Toggenburg, Wildhaus, St. Gallen, Switzerland, to an important family in the middle class.

Reformation change

Zwingli's Reformation was supported by the judge and the people of Zürich. That led to major changes in the lives of the people and the government in Zürich.

Zwingli was killed at Kappel am Albis in a battle against the Roman Catholic cantons of Switzerland.

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