Umang Lai

Presiding deities of the sacred groves in Manipur

The Umang Lai (/oo-mang laai/) is a class of deities which dwell in the forests in Meitei mythology, folklore and religion.[1][2] The term "Umang" means "forest" and "Lai" means "deity" in Meitei language (Manipuri language).[2] The cults of these deities vary from community to community.[2]

Umang Lai
Sylvan deities of forests and woods
Member of Meitei deities
A sacred grove dedicated to Umang Lai Panam Ningthou in Andro, Imphal East, Manipur
AffiliationMeitei mythology and religion (Sanamahism)
AbodesForests, woods and woodlands
NumberMore than 360
TextsUmang Lai Khunthok Puya
Ethnic groupMeitei ethnicity
FestivalsLai Haraoba
Greek equivalentPan
Roman equivalentFaunus
Slavic equivalentLeshy


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