Umeå City Church

Church of Sweden church building in central Umeå, Sweden

Umeå City Church (Swedish: Umeå stads kyrka) is a church building in the central parts of Umeå in Sweden. It is located between Vänortsparken and the northern bank of the Ume River. The church belongs to the Umeå City Parish of the Church of Sweden. It was inaugurated on 2 December 1894. That day was First Advent Sunday the same year year.[1][2]

Umeå City Church
Umeå stads kyrka
Umeå stads kyrka.jpg
Umeå City Church in September 2010
Coordinates: 63°49′25″N 20°16′04″E / 63.82361°N 20.26778°E / 63.82361; 20.26778
DenominationChurch of Sweden
Consecrated2 December 1894 (1894-12-02)
Architect(s)Fredrik Olaus Lindström
DioceseDiocese of Luleå


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