Un Juego de Huevos

2010 video game

Un Juego de Huevos is a 2D platform video game that was only created for the Zeebo by Swedish studio Fabrication Games. It is the first video game based on Una Película de Huevos, a popular movie from the Mexican animation company Huevocartoon. The game came out on April 19, 2010 in Mexico.[1] A version with Portuguese text called Um Jogo de Ovos came out in Brazil in August, 2010.[2][3]

Developer(s)Fabrication Games
Publisher(s)Zeebo Inc.
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

The game features all the main characters from Una Película de Huevos, including Toto, Willy, Confi, Serp, Cuache and Tlacua, voiced by the same actors used in the movie. The story is also based on the film, but follows a different plotline. Un Juego de Huevos is the first video game based on a Mexican license.[1] The goal of the game is to explore and battle through a series of increasingly difficult challenges.[4] The game contains 25 levels, 5 battles with bosses and 10 unlockable levels of competition. One or two players can play in cooperative or competitive modes.[5][6]

A package consisting of a Zeebo system, the game, a keyboard and a Huevocartoon DVD was launched in Mexico with a promotional price of $1999 pesos, along with a merchandising campaign in some department stores.[6][7]


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