Underground cable

replacement of overhead cables with underground cables

An underground cable is a cable that is buried below the ground. They distribute electrical power or telecommunications. Such cables are an alternative to overhead cables, which are several meters above the ground. Overhead cables are often replaced with underground cables. Downtown areas with many tall buildings usually have few or no cables above ground, This is mainly for aesthetic purposes because underground cables can not be seen.[1] They are also less dangerous to people because they are out of the way. They cost more to install, but last longer.

Safety sign to indicate a 20 kV underground cable

It is a bit challenging to identify the fault in underground cable because it is located inside the earth. The fault mainly categorised in mainly in three based on occurrence. these are short circuit, Open circuit, and fault due to Breakdown cable insulation. It is impossible to detect visually, It required some testers like Underground Wire Locator to identify the fault


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