United Arab List

Israeli-Arab political party

The United Arab List (Hebrew: הַרְשִׁימָה הַעֲרָבִית הַמְאוּחֶדֶת, HaReshima HaAravit HaMe'uhedet; Arabic: القائمة العربية الموحدة, al-Qā'ima al-'Arabiyya al-Muwaḥḥada), commonly known by its Hebrew acronym Ra'am (Hebrew: רע"מ, lit.'Thunder'), is an Israeli political party.

Its ideology is Arab nationalist and Islamist.

Political leader is Mansour Abbas.

Ra'am was founded in 1996 as an alliance of Mada (Arab Democratic Party) and the southern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel.

Its supporters are Islamic and nationalist Israeli Arabs, especially the Bedouins among them.

Number of seats in the 24th Knesset: 4 (/).
Ra'am was cooperating with Balad, Hadash and Ta'al as part of the Joint List. Together they had 15 seats in the 23rd Knesset.

Participating in the Bennett-Lapid Government.

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