University of Central Florida

public university in Orlando, Florida, United States

The University of Central Florida is the biggest university in the state of Florida, and the second-biggest in the entire United States. It also has more undergraduate students than any other single campus in the U.S. It is located slightly to the east of Orlando, one of the most popular places to visit in the entire world. Living in such an exciting city makes the University of Central Florida very attractive to students who want to get jobs or internships nearby.

Sometimes the University of Central Florida's name is shortened to UCF, especially when talking about the school's sports teams. UCF was founded in 1969 and has continued growing ever since.

UCF's sports teams, known as Knights, now play in the Big 12 Conference after leaving the American Athletic Conference in July 2023. The only exception is the men's soccer team. Because the Big 12 sponsors soccer for women but not men, that team plays in the Sun Belt Conference.