Uozu, Toyama

city in Toyama Prefecture, Japan

Uozu (魚津市, Uozu-shi) is a Japanese city in Toyama Prefecture on the island of Honshu.[1]

Map of Toyama Prefecture showing Uozu


Uozu developed as a castle town.[2]

In 1582, the forces of Oda Nobunaga forced the Uesugi clan to give up control of Uozu Castle.

In 1918, riots started in Uozo because of increases in rice prices.[3]

In 1956, a great fire ravished many buildings in Uozu.


Several rivers run through Uozu—the Fuse River, the Katakai River, the Kado River, and the Hayatsuki River.

Gold was discovered in the mountains of near Uozu.


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