A sailboat being pushed by the wind.

A sailboat is a boat which has sails. Some or all of the boat's movement comes from wind acting with the sails to push the boat forward. A sailboat is designed to use the wind to go places, even when the goal is toward the wind.

The word covers many kinds of boats, from small sailboards to large sailing ships. The part of the boat in the water is called the hull, and a sailboat may have one, two, or three of these. Most sailboats use long pieces to attach and spread the sail. One pole pointing upward called a mast, and usually one or more others.

Sailboats are sometimes described by the kinds of sails they have. Some sails are best being pushed by the wind, and some can be pulled by the wind. A boat with only one sail is often called a "cat boat", while boats with one sail in front of the mast and one sail behind the mast are often called a "sloop". Boats with more sails, and more masts, can have many different names such as cutter, ketch, or yawl.

Sailboats were used before engines were invented. They are popular today for play. Many words related to sailboats are part of English, but are not used only on boats. Sailboats have been important in history, for exploring and shipping, and fishing, and in war.