Wikifire is a very dangerous thing. It may leap, lick, burn, and cause great damage to your feelings or complex. However, there are better ways than to just catch on fire and thrust yourself back at the other flame.

The most important thing about fire is that it comes from anger. Fire and fire cannot fight each other - there must be fire and water, or fire and carbon dioxide. Such as this, two angry editors cannot fight each other, and one of them must stop and be quiet.

What to do when a fire starts

Watch out for fire breathers!

The most important thing to do when a fire starts, even though it has not caught on you yet, is to spray water at it. Calm it down, and try your best to blow away the leftover smoke. Like this, when wikifire starts, calm down the anger of the editors, and prevent them from more word-arguements that can grow heated. And blow away the last parts of their anger, smolders and ashes they still cling to in their thoughts.

Beware fire breathers! They are one of the most dangerous people in wiki. They breathe fire, make people get fire, and none the less do it for their entertainment, and for other's entertainment - that is, the people who maliciously sit and watch the whole wiki burn up, enjoying it thoroughly.

What if a fire catches on me?

Don't light the match!

If you feel an urge to run to the keyboard and type in a swear word or something like that, stop your self immediately. Some people think that it is right to trample the fire out, and stomp on it, to make it disappear: but will it? No. It will just catch on you, and you will soon become a burning, laughing, roaring fire and join your foe in destroying the wikipedia. So instead, as in the fire rules, "Stop, Drop, and Roll!" Like this, stop, drop your mouse, and roll your chair away. Read a book. Get out of the discussion, take a wikibreak! Anything that can prevent you from speaking or typing fire to your fellow editors.

And the last most important rule, don't make people catch on fire! If you see them beginning to growl slightly, and grow a little hot, then quickly apologize as fast as you can. This will make wiki happier, and lessen the drama. :) Try it out: I'm really quite sure it will succeed! If you think it's utterly horrible, and it backfired, then please tell me.

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