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Welcome to the Punk music WikiProject. It was created to improve the coverage of punk rock-related articles on Simple. To participate, simply add your name to the participants section. Please see the discussion page for current activity and information.

See also: WikiProject Punk music on the english Wikipedia.

Announcements and news for WikiProject Punk music

October 2011:


  • This project has been launched. Let's hope it turns out OK.
  • So far there is only 1 member and a lot to be done. If anyone is reading this, please join. Thanks!


Updated by Benzband (and anyone else who wants to).



The goal of the Punk music Wikiproject is to add to, organize, clean, and improve punk rock-related information within a format that fits Wikipedia's policies and guidelines.

We need the participation of Wikipedians and punk music fans alike.

Open/major tasks


The following is a chart of our largest tasks. See the article alerts box on the right for, well, article alerts.

  • Expand, improve and create punk rock-related articles (bands, etc.)
  • Get interested editors involved?

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Punk rock

This WikiProject is about Punk rock and related topics.

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Punk rock (needs expanding)

Sex Pistols (needs expanding)

The Clash (needs expanding)

many more…

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