I'm trying to compile a list of words that, when used on the Simple English Wikipedia, could be simplified in many cases. Obviously, not all instances of switching these words would be correct, and any simplification would be done on a case by case basis. For example, the word "sole" can mean "only", but it can also be part of a shoe, in which case it shouldn't be changed to "only".

Feel free to add to or otherwise edit this list.

This can be used in WikiProject Simplification.

Words (less simple first)

  • Affluent; rich
  • Combust; burn
  • Communicable; contagious
  • Complete; finish
  • Concept; idea
  • Concerned with; about
  • Consist of; have
  • Contain; have
  • Contain xxx; have xxx in it
  • Conquer; take over
  • Create; make
  • Deceased; dead
  • Decompose; break down
  • Deploy; start using
  • Due to; because of
  • Eliminate; get rid of
  • Founded; started
  • High quality; good
  • Inhabit; live in
  • Manufacture; make
  • Objective; goal
  • Occasionally; sometimes
  • Posthumously; after s/he died
  • Prepare; make
  • Prior to; before
  • Process; way to make xxx
  • Produce; make
  • Quantities; amounts
  • Regulation; law or rule
  • Receive; get
  • Replaced; took over
  • Reside; live
  • Returned; came back
  • Seldom; not very often
  • Several; many or some or few
  • Sole; only
  • Solemn; sad
  • Vary; be (or is) different
  • Wealthy; rich