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Medal of Honor

This project is to start articles for U.S. Medal of Honor recipients who do not have an article in any language. The missing articles are mostly for the American Civil War and the Indian Wars.

Notability: Medal of Honor recipients are notable per WP:MIL notability guidelines. Also see discussions here, here, and here.


Here are some sources of information:

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If you want to use an infobox, the instructions for "infobox military person" are on English Wikipedia here. The template is reproduced on the right for ease with cut and paste. You can see it by opening an edit window with "change source". The symbols <!-- and --> are used to enclose comments so they will not appear in the text.

Sample Infobox (to see code, open with "change source")

Some useful categories, examples, and frequently used codeEdit

[[Category:United States Army Medal of Honor recipients]]

[[Category:United States Navy Medal of Honor recipients]]

[[Category:United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipients]]

‎‎[[Category:People from Vermont]]

[[Category:1954 births]]

[[Category:Year of birth missing (living people)]]

{{DEFAULTSORT:lastname, firstname}}

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These examples of MOH articles may be helpful:

Norman F. Bates
en:John Brazell

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American Civil War (G—L)Edit

List of American Civil War Medal of Honor recipients without articles in any language (G–L)

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