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This WikiProject is for Reformed Vandals.
Non-Reformed Vandals Beware!
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WikiProject: Reformed VandalsEdit

Welcome to the Reformed Vandals WikiProject. This WikiProject is focused on helping Wikipedia as reformed vandals. To join, place your name on the list, and Contact one of the founders of this project, either, Thesixthstaff, or Mr Wiki Pro and let them know that you are part of the Club. Once, you are part of the project, you are expected to participate in the help of the Article of the Week, and the Discussions held at the Talk Page. Happy Reforming! -The Reformed Vandals WikiProject Founders.

Member ListEdit

  1. Thesixthstaff (talk)
  2. Jianhui67 talkcontribs
  3. Clarinetguy097 (talk)

Article of the WeekEdit

(Nuclear family)- This week's Article of the Week is (Nuclear family). Our Job Is to Create this Article. The article must be in proper format with Citations, References, an Infobox, Categories, and at least 500 words. Each week a new article will be decided. We do this, to continue to prove our reform from being vandals. Hurry! Event Ends February 3!

Invitation TemplatesEdit

If you see a user or IP that used to be a vandal but has proven to be able to edit constructively, you can invite them with the correct Invitation Template. (Note that background color of template changes if on a talk page.


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