Will you become an administrator? Do I want to nominate you? These are the questions that haunt me...

Sometimes I may want to nominate an editor for adminship. This is mainly because I had positive interactions with the editor, I think the editor passes my requests for adminship criteria, I think the candidate will do just fine as an administrator, and that I (and by my own judgement, the community) trust you enough to become an administrator.

As a general rule, I will not nominate someone that comes to my talkpage asking me to nominate them, regardless of the quality of their contributions. I'll find you (or someone else will) eventually, and the best candidates in my experience really are those that are just "going about their business" and are in need of extra tools to "go about their business". (taken from en:User:Keeper76/RfA#Past_nominations)

If I decide to nominate an editor for adminship, I will do the following:

  1. I will ask if you want to become an administrator or not and if I could nominate you.
  2. If you accept, I will ask if you had any other co-noms that have asked if they could nominate you before (do not ask them, make sure they have asked you). If you decline... then that's that. I might ask if you want to become an administrator in the future (that is, if you still meet my criteria and if you still want to become an administrator).
  3. I will then ask the candidate if they wanted me to be the main nominator (the first one to write a nomination, which is the one that is longer than the rest, preferably), the co-nominator (the one who adds his/her nomination 2nd after the main nominator which is generally shorter than the main nominator), or the last nominator (the one who adds his/her nomination 3rd after the co-nominator which is generally shorter than the main nominator).
  4. When the candidate is ready to make the RfA live (I will ask you first) (meaning your RfA is added to the WP:RFA page), you, me, or any other nominator (depending on your decision) will do so.

After the RfA is live, make sure you stick around Simple Wikipedia for at least about three hours to answer any questions that come up and any comment that needs responding to by you. Make sure you can check in a few times a day to make sure everything is alright.

Hopefully, the RfA will be successful and you will probably become an administrator. If I nominate you, I wish you luck if you accept.

Past RfA nominations change

User page RfA link and tally Time span Notes
American Eagle RfA – 25/0 July 6 – July 12 Successful RfA – 2nd most supports ever! The consensus was so clear and obvious that the RfA was closed one day earlier.
Cassandra RfA – 21/2 July 31 – August 7 Successful RfA – One oppose moved to neutral after RfA was closed. It would have been 21/1, but the official tally was 21/2
Kennedy RfA – 17/0 October 3 – October 11 Successful RfA – I forgot to support the candidate myself even if I did nominate...
Matilda RfA – 14/11 November 25 – December 1 No consensus
Mentifisto RfA – 19/7 May 10 – May 17 Successful RfA
Shappy RfA – 21/1 May 17 – May 23 Successful RfA
Page Support Oppose % End

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