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Quality Guidelines change

SimpleWikiProject Music quality standards are listed below with a short explanation.


  1. Pages on performers should have discography sections. These should be subdivided into albums and singles, or other simple systems as needed. If a simple system cannot accommodate an artist's entire discography, a subpage (preferably titled "<Bandname> discography") should be created.
  2. Do not use album covers in discographies, as this is an unnecessary use of images and is not compatible with Wikipedia's fair use policy.


  1. Songs and singles are in quotes. Albums and EPs in italics. The names of tours are capitalized (with the possible album name portion in italics).
    1. Generic titles refer to those based on musical forms, such as the concerto or symphony, as are liturgical titles like agnus dei or kyrie. These should not be formatted beyond simple capitalization; e.g., Piano Concerto No. 5, Sixth Symphony
    2. True titles are specific to a work, and are always italicized; e.g., From me flows what you call time or Pelleas et Melisande
    3. Titles of songs, albums and other media that are not in English, or are in a non-standard variety of English, should follow ordinary rules of capitalization and punctuation for that variety. This guideline does not supersede other Wikipedia:Naming conventions, and only applies to whatever instances foreign language titles appear.
  2. The title of an article should be bolded on first appearance. Important redirects should be bolded on their first appearance, preferably in the lead section.
  3. Regarding the use-mention distinction, words should be italicized when they are referred to; e.g. "They chose the name The Supremes" or "They called their style jelly rock" rather than "They became The Supremes" or "They play jelly rock")
  4. Unless a word meets one of these criteria, or another standard English usage, it should not be italicized or bolded.
  5. Use either Unicode flat (♭= &#x266D;) and sharp (♯ = &#x266F;) symbols, or the words "flat" and "sharp". Do not use "b" for "flat" or # (the number sign) for "sharp".


Neutral point of view (NPOV)
  1. Opinions are desirable. However, they must be cited.
  2. If you want to mention whom a band or album sounds similar to, do so in a prose format (as in Operation Ivy has a ska punk sound similar to The Specials), not in a list. Making a list of "related bands" constitutes using your ideas and opinions, which violates both WP:NPOV.
    1. Do not link to 'similar performers' or 'related genres' in a see also section.
  3. Claims such as popular, critically acclaimed and well-received should be cited to a WP:RS|reputable source.


  1. Trivial information is not appropriate on Wikipedia. If a particular fact is worthy of inclusion, it should be placed into proper context in the body of an article. Do not use the ==Trivia== (or equivalent) subheading.