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WikiProject Dead End is a WikiProject created to remove dead end pages from the Simple English Wikipedia.

Dead EndsEdit

Dead ends are Wikipedia articles containing no links. Unlike orphans, they are quite easy to fix and won’t take very long, as all it takes is turning a bit of black text blue. Dead ends are still inconvenient for a reader because, for example, if they are reading about uranium, it was a dead end, and they wanted to find out more about radioactivity, they would have to type it into the search bar.

List of dead ends: Special:DeadendPages


There is only one requirement: that you will add links to dead ends.


If you are interested in joining, just put your name onto the list below.

Extra goalsEdit

Note: You are not required to do these, it would just be better for the Simple English Wikipedia if you do.

  • Expand dead end articles while adding links to them. It could be anything from a complete overhaul to just a bit of improved grammar.
  • Orphans. This will take longer but they can be found here: Special:OrphanedPages. Most de-orphanings will be tough though, as most would be unlikely to be linked to on this site and it would be difficult to find a good place for the link.


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