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It was here where the young girl disappeared,

Never heard from or seen again.

The dark forest is a desolate place,

Like an endless sea of sorrows.

When she never returned, it left her loved ones in distress.

Her absence left behind an eerie void.

Like a ghost, its presence felt but never seen.

They searched for her, but couldn’t find even the slightest hint of her.

To this day, no one knows what became of her demise.

Some speculate she was killed by stray wolves.

Others believe she became lost and died without a trace.

One rumor even has it that she was simply devoured by the dark.

An ominous hooded figure, dark as the shadows and cold as ice, appeared before her,

The reaper slowly approached her, armed with a menacing scythe.

And whispered into her ear, “Fear me dear for I am Death”,

And took her away as his prize, and gone into the black of the night.

—Fade to Black