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Born12 October
Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkey
Current locationThe Netherlands
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Joined7 June 2018
Rollbacker10 September 2021 (local)
18 September 2021 (global)
Edit count300+
Signature~StyyxTalk? ^-^
tr Bu kullanıcının ana dili Türkçe'dir.

en-4 This user is able to contribute at a near native level of English.

nl-4 Deze gebruiker spreekt Nederlands naar moedertaalmaatstaven.

This person can help out at a high level of Simple English.

az-2 Bu istifadəçi Azərbaycan dilini orta səviyyədə başa düşür.

de-1Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.

>:(Vandals don't like this user.

Flag of Turkey.svgThis user comes from Turkey.

#This user chats on Discord as Styyx#6680.

Hello! My name is Styyx. I'm from Turkey.

If I slightly know the language, I'm active on that project: Albanian, Azerbaijani, Dutch, English, Simple English and Turkish. I was granted global rollback rights thanks to this cross-wiki activity.

I'm not actively creating articles on any Wikimedia project and Simple English Wikipedia is no exception. I mostly revert vandalism here with SWViewer and participate in some deletion discussions.

"I never claimed to be perfect
My mistakes are all written in ink
None of us claimed to be perfect
And it's sad if that's what you all think

Our flaws helped to make us special
They bond us and keep us strong
Our flaws are what brought us together
So stop actin' like somethin's wrong

We're not flawless
We're a work in progress
We've got dents and we've got quirks
But it's our flaws that make us work

Yeah, we're not flawless
We're a work in progress
So tell me what flaws you got, too
'Cause I still like what's flawed about you"