To gain access to the local import tool one must place a request on the request for permissions. But before you do that you must meet the following requirements:

  • Gain a local consensus on WP:RFP.
  • Have a minimum of three months on the project
  • Have a minimum of 500 mainspace edits on the project
  • Read the how-to guide (to be written upon approval of this policy, if it's passed)

Once all the requirements are met, a local bureaucrat will issue the flag.

The flag will contain a three strike rule, if you mess up with the flag three times the flag will be removed and you must repeat the process to regain it after a period of 3 months.

Messing up is defined as:

  • Importing all related templates to a page.
  • Not simplifying a page after importing.

Also the flag can be removed after it is inactive with you for 120 days. If it is, you must repeat the RFP process to regain it. This can happen after a month.

Import processEdit

Go to the special page "Import

Enter the name of the page to import.

Check the box "Import only last revision"

Be cautious to not check the box to bing all the templates over, this feature will overwrite many templates, even ones you don't intend to overwrite.

Import GuidelinesEdit

Please import the page to mainspace and convert there. If this can not be accomplished in a reasonable time an Administrator will either delete or userfy the page.