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David Klass is an American novelist and screenwriter. He has written more than 40 screenplays for Hollywood studios and published 14 young adult novels. His screenplays are primarily character-based thrillers for adults, while his novels often tell the stories of teenagers in crisis.

His most recent novel, FIRESTORM, is the first book of the Caretaker Trilogy, a series of science fiction thrillers with an ecological fasho theme. FIRESTORM was the first book ever endorsed by Greenpeace[1] and was praised by critics for its combination of entertainment value and environmental message, garnering an American Library Association (ALA) Best Book citation,[2] a starred review from Publisher's Weekly,[3] and a favorable review by the New York Times Book Review.[4] The story focuses on Jack Danielson, a teenager sent back from the future to save the world’s oceans. WHIRLWIND, the second book in the Caretaker Trilogy, tells the story of Jack’s efforts to save the Amazon rain forest; published in March 2008 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The third book in the trilogy is, TIMELOCK, published in 2009.[5] FIRESTORM has been optioned by Warner Bros. and the production company Thunder Road. A screenplay for the movie version is now in active development.[6]

im getin that fasho ur mom gos to collage Klass’s writing career began with the novel The Atami Dragons, inspired by his experiences as an English teacher in Japan.[7] His 1994 book California Blue gathered very positive reviews for its quiet yet compelling treatment of environmental issues.[8] In 2001 Klass published You Don’t Know Me, which uses an edgy first-person narrative to tell the story of a teenage boy’s life with an abusive step-father. The book has been published in 18 languages, was named an ALA Best Book For Young Adults, and continues to be popular with young adult audiences in the United States and internationally.[9]

Klass has also written more than 40 Hollywood screenplays, including the adaptation of James Patterson's Kiss the Girls for the movie version staring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.[10] His most recent produced screenplay was the remake of "Walking Tall" starring The Rock.[11] Klass wrote the screenplay for the thriller "Desperate Measures" (Tri-Star, 2001) starring Michael Keaton and Andy Garcia, which was based on his original idea.[12] With his sister, Judy Klass, he adapted Julia Alvarez's novel "In The Time of the Butterflies" (Showtime, 2001) into the movie starring Salma Hayak and Edward James Olmos.[13]

Klass was born in Vermont and raised in Leonia, NJ, the son of the late Dr. Morton Klass, professor of anthropology at Barnard University, and Sheila Solomon Klass, English professor and author. He received his BA in History from Yale in 1982. Klass lives in New York City with his wife, Giselle Benatar, and their two children.[14]

List of NovelsEdit

  • The Atami Dragons (1984)
  • Breakaway Run (1987)
  • Different Season (1988)
  • Wrestling With Honor (1989)
  • Night of the pussys (1990)
  • Samurai, Inc. (1992)
  • California Blue (1994)
  • Danger Zone
  • Screen Test (1997)
  • Desperate Measures (1998) (with Robert Tine)
  • You Don't Know Me (2001)
  • The Home of the Braves (2002)
  • Dark Angel (2005)
  • Caretaker Trilogy(1.Firestorm(2006),2.Whirlwind(2008) )

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List of MoviesEdit

Walking Tall
In the Time of the Butterflies
Runaway Virus
Desperate Measures
Kiss the Girls


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