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EWF Total Demolition


The main feud on the Dominance brand in EWF was the rivalry between Shane Raider and Wolf over the Super Heavyweight Championship. The rivalry started at Slamination when Raider returned to wrestling from injury to interfere in a match between Ellery Grant and Maikobi, at the following pay-per-view, No Escape, Wolf defeated Raider, Grant and Maikobi in a Fatal-Four-Way Steel Cage Match to retain his championship, then on the following episode of Dominance, Raider defeated Grant and Maikobi to become no.1 contender to Wolf`s title.

Another rivalry, this time on Blaze was between Ash Liner and Ryder over the EWF Championship. The rivalry started when Liner won the title from Maestro at Slamination before defeating him again at No Escape thanks to help from Roan Firmhall, on the following episodes of Blaze, Liner stated that no-one on the brand would challenge him because they knew he could not be beaten, that was until Ryder challenged him to a match for the title at Total Demolition, ryder then interfered with Liner's match with Kenny Drone that evening, causing his rival to lose the match andd chance to captain Team Blaze at Total Demolition, ryder then succesfully beat Maestro and Roan Firmhall in a triple-threat match to become the no.1 contender to Liner`s titleSubscript