Utrecht tram shooting

Shooting in a tram in Utrecht, the Netherlands

On the 18 March 2019, four people were killed and six others injured[1] after a shooting on a tram in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Utrecht tram shooting
The tram after the attack.
Location of the Shooting
LocationUtrecht, Netherlands
Coordinates52°04′51″N 5°05′29″E / 52.080755°N 5.091354°E / 52.080755; 5.091354
Date18 March 2019
10:45 a.m. (CET)
Attack type
Mass shooting
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorGökmen Tanis

Police shared a photo of a 37-year-old Turkish man called Gökmen Tanis who they were searching for.[2][3][4] Police think that he got away in a red Renault Clio.[5] Tanis was arrested the same day and was later sentenced to life in prison.[6]

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