VV Cephei

binary star in the constellation Cepheus

VV Cephei is a eclipsing binary star in the Cepheus constellation. It is 5,000 light years from Earth.

A now outdated comparison of star sizes, with VV Cephei A being The second largest in the 6th slide.
The Sun compared to VV Cephei A.

VV Cephei A is one of the largest known stars, being a red supergiant. Its diameter is 1,475 times that of the Sun.[1] It is orbited by VV Cephei B, a blue star with 13–25 times the Solar radius. If VV Cephei A were placed in the center of our Solar System, its radius would reach past the orbit of Jupiter. Nevertheless, stars like WOH G64 and Stephenson 2-18 are larger still.

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