Vaupés Department

department of Colombia

Vaupés is a department in Colombia. Its capital is Mitú. It borders Brazil on the east.

Department of Vaupés
Departamento del Vaupés
Flag of Department of Vaupés
Coat of arms of Department of Vaupés
Vaupés shown in red
Vaupés shown in red
Topography of the department
Topography of the department
Coordinates: 1°12′N 70°10′W / 1.200°N 70.167°W / 1.200; -70.167
Country Colombia
RegionAmazonía Region
EstablishedJuly 4, 1991
 • Total54,135 km2 (20,902 sq mi)
 • Total42,817
 • Density0.79/km2 (2.0/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-05
ISO 3166 codeCO-VAU

Because of its location in the Amazon jungle, it has no roads connecting it with the rest of the country or internally from settlement to settlement. Commerce and contact with the outside world is done through travel along the main rivers and by means of air travel. Several of the small settlements have airstrips with service to the department's capital, Mitú.[4]

Administrative divisions change

Because of its small population and vast extension of land, Vaupés only has 3 municipalities. Other sections of the Department were classified as an especial type of Corregimiento, which has certain hybrid functions.

Municipalities change

  1. Caruru
  2. Mitú
  3. Taraira

Department Corregimientos change

  1. Pacoa
  2. Papunahua
  3. Yavarate

Municipal Corregimientos change

  1. Acaricuara
  2. Villa Fátima

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