protohistoric chieftain of the Arverni tribe, defeated by Julius Caesar during the Gallic wars

Vercingetorix (wɜːkɪŋˈɛtoɹɪks in Gaulish) born c.82 BC, died 46 BC. was a chieftain of the Gallic tribe of the Arverni.

Statue of Vercingetorix by Bartholdi, on Place de Jaude, in Clermont-Ferrand
Vercingetorix on Roman coinage (dated 48 BC). Top: bust right (war chariot on reverse); bottom: tied near war trophy (female head on obverse).

He led the Gauls in 52 BC against the Roman army in Gaul led by Julius Caesar. Vercingetorix's name in Gaulish means "over-king of the marching men"; the "marching men" would now be called "infantry".

Vercingetorix was probably one of the first to unite some tribes of Gaul against a common enemy. This was the last major uprising of the peoples of Gaul against the Roman invaders.

After the celebration of Caesar's triumph was over, Vercingetorix was executed.