Vietnamese people

ethnic group originally from northern Vietnam

The Vietnamese are a group of people with their own culture living in Southeast Asia. Most Vietnamese live in the country of Vietnam, although there are many Vietnamese people living in other places. Many Vietnamese people speak Vietnamese.

History change

The Vietnamese people could be a mixture of different groups from different parts of Asia.

According to legend, the Vietnamese people are the children of a dragon and a fairy.

Many Vietnamese girls and women were trafficked into China in the 19th century.[1][2] Chinese pirates in the Tonking Gulf region took Vietnamese women as wives.[3] In the Gulf of Tonkin Vietnamese pirates were defeated in 1409 and 1373 by the Ming Chinese navy and the Ming navy frightened Vietnam from invading Champa in 1403 and defeated Vietnam in 1407 in the Red river delta.[4] Chinese pirate and bandits operated in the highlands of Tonkin in French Indochina.[5]

Religion change

Most Vietnamese practice a mixture of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and animism.

A minority of Vietnamese are Catholic Christians.

Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam change

There are millions of Vietnamese people living outside of Vietnam. The United States has the number population of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam. Many Vietnamese people left the country after the Vietnam War. They did not want to live in a Communist country.

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