Vincent of Saragossa

saint and martyr

Vincent of Saragossa (also known as Vincent Martyr, Vincent of Huesca or Vincent the Deacon), the Protomartyr of Spain, was a deacon of the Church of Saragossa. He is the patron saint of Lisbon and Valencia. His feast day is 22 January in the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Communion, and the Orthodox Church.


Vincent of Saragossa
15th-century painting of Vincent by Tomás Giner.
Protomartyr of Spain
Born3rd century
Osca, Hispania Tarraconensis (Huesca, Aragon, Spain)
Diedc. 304
Valentia, Hispania Tarraconensis (Valencia, Spain)
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Anglican Communion
Orthodox Church
Feast22 January (Roman Catholic, Orthodox & Anglican Churches)
11 November (Orthodox Church therefore additionally venerates him on November 11)
AttributesUsually pontifical, episcopal, etc. insignia, tools of martyrdom and so forth
PatronageSão Vicente, Lisbon; Algarve; Valencia; Vicenza, Italy, vinegar-makers, wine-makers; Order of Deacons of the Catholic Diocese of Bergamo (Italy).