Vladimir Kara-Murza Sr.

Russian journalist and politician (1959-2019)

Vladimir Alexeyevich Kara-Murza (Russian: Влади́мир Алексе́евич Кара́-Мурза́; 24 October 1959 – 28 July 2019) was a Russian journalist and television host.[1] He was born in Moscow.

Vladimir Kara-Murza Sr.

Kara-Murza died on 28 July 2019 in Moscow at the age of 59.[2]

In 1992, with the onset of President Boris Yeltsin's democratic reforms, he joined the weekly Itogi programme on Channel One of Russian TV—first as editor, then as correspondent.

In 1993, along with his colleagues, joined the newly created NTV, Russia's first independent television channel founded by Vladimir Gusinsky. In April 1995, Kara-Murza became the anchor of NTV's news programme Today at Midnight.

He was the father of opposition politician Vladimir Vladimirovich Kara-Murza.[3]


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