Voice of America Persian News Network

United States television and radio network

Voice of America-Persian News Network (VOA-PNN) is a governmental international broadcaster of the United States. It broadcasts in the Persian language. Its base is in Washington D.C.. Its first program was broadcasted on 18 October 1994. The duration of its first programs was at first one hour. The first VOA radio programs in Persian were broadcast on 22 November 1979. They lasted at first 30 minutes.

TypeInternational public broadcaster
United States (for the persian speaking people in and outside the United States)
OwnerUnited States federal government
Official website

Management change

The first manager of VOA-PNN was Ahmad Reza Baharlou. Later managers were Kambiz Mohammadi, Shila Ganji, Behrouz Abbassi, Behrouz Souresrafil, James Glassman, Hida Fouladvand and Ramin Asgard. The current[when?] manager of VOA-PNN is Setare Derakhshesh.

Programs change

The TV programs are broadcast each day for five hours. After the end of the live TV programs, the programs are repeated from recordings.

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