building in Lower Austria, Austria

The Voith-Platz was a football venue in St. Pölten, the capital city of Lower Austria. It was approved for 8,000 spectators. It was the homeground of different clubs from St. Pölten. The name was derived from the Voith company that owned the property.

LocationSt. Pölten, Austria
OwnerVoith GmbH
Opened1951 (first match BSV Voith – SC Rabenstein 18:1)
DemolishedOctober 2020
BSV Voith (1951–1973), VSE St. Pölten (1973–1998), FCN St. Pölten (1998–2000), SKN St. Pölten (2000–2012), SKN St. Pölten Amateure, FSK St. Pölten (2013–2016)



In 1949, a number of footballers approached the general management of the Voith company to found a company sports club (BSV Voith). The first BSV Voith games were still played in Stattersdorf, but in the spring of 1950 construction of the Voithplatz began. The company Voith provided the ground. In spring 1951 the first match was held. (BSV Voith vs. SC Rabenstein 18:1) [1]

1973, two of the then 13 St. Pölten clubs, BSV Voith and SC Furthner Schwarze Elf, merged to form the new VSE St. Pölten (Voith-Schwarze Elf St. Pölten). The homground of the new club was again the Voith-Platz. Between 1988 and 1994, the VSE played for six seasons in the Bundesliga, Austria's top division. After some financial problems and relegation to the 4th league, the club was dissolved.

The unofficial successor club was the SKN St. Pölten. In 2007 the ground was renovated for €90,000 with the support of the city of St. Pölten. The stands, sidewalks, cabins, floodlights and toilet facilities were renewed. [2] On May 18, 2012, the last Bundesliga championship game took place at Voithplatz. SKN played in the new NV Arena. After the SKN moved to the new arena, the Voithplatz continued to be used for women's and amateur football.

Demolition work began in October 2020. The St. Pölten housing cooperative built residential complex on the site.[3]


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