Canadian heavy metal band

Voivod is a heavy metal band from Canada. Their musical style has been changing since their beginnings. They started out as a speed metal band, but eventually began adding a mix of progressive metal and thrash metal to create their own unique metal style.

Voivod performing live at the Masters of Rock festival in 2009
Voivod performing live at the Masters of Rock festival in 2009
Background information
OriginJonquière, Quebec, Canada
GenresHeavy metal, progressive metal, thrash metal, speed metal[1]
Years active1982–present
LabelsMetal Blade, Noise, MCA, Mausoleum, Hypnotic, Chophouse, The End, Relapse
MembersMichel Langevin
Denis Bélanger
Jean-Yves Thériault
Daniel Mongrain
Past member(s)Denis D'Amour
Pierre St. Jean
Gilles Brisebois
Eric Forrest
Jason Newsted

Today, Voivod have released eleven studio albums as well as one EP, one live album, two compilations, seven demos and one DVD featuring a live concert. They rose to popularity with their fifth studio album Nothingface (1989), which was the first Voivod album to enter the Billboard 200 charts, peaking at number 114, and is their most successful one yet.[2] The last studio album Voivod released is "Target Earth", from 2013. They are working on a new album.

The band's bassist, Jason Newsted, joined Voivod after he left Metallica in 2001.

Discography Edit

  • War and Pain (1984)
  • Rrröööaaarrr (1986)
  • Killing Technology (1987)
  • Dimension Hatröss (1988)
  • Nothingface (1989)
  • Angel Rat (1991)
  • The Outer Limits (1993)
  • Negatron (1995)
  • Phobos (1997)
  • Voivod (2003)
  • Katorz (2006)
  • Infini (2009)
  • Target Earth (2013)
  • The Wake (2018)
  • Synchro Anarchy (2022)
  • Morgöth Tales (2023)

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