Volvo FH

heavy truck range produced by Swedish Volvo Truck Corporation

The Volvo FH is a heavy duty truck made by Volvo in 1993 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Replacing the aging Volvo F Series. FH means Forward Control High Entry. It won the 1994, 2000, and 2014 International Truck Of The Year. There are 2 variants which is the FH12 and FH16.

Volvo FH16 750
Volvo FH 16 8x4 2014. Spielvogel 3.JPG
ManufacturerVolvo Trucks
Also calledVolvo FH Bitren (Argentina)

Volvo FH13 (Philippines)

Volvo FH12

Volvo FH16
Body and chassis
Body styleCOE
PredecessorVolvo F Series


The Volvo FH has some safety features here are some of the Features:

  • Volvo Made the 1st airbags for trucks in 1995.
  • Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS).
    A 2002 FH undergoing a Crash Test.